Isabel Jover

Isabel Jover - I was born and breed in Majorca, and have a degree in interior design by the Superior College of Design of Barcelona . I began my working life in Majorca and since then I have colaborated with various architects up until 2007 when I lanced out and opened my own studio. In 2009 I constructed DAI10-architecture and interior design with Alejandro Von Waberer. Our work spot lighted on designing high class housing and focusing our work with European clients.

All the years that I have been collaborating with architects has given me great experience to deal with a global vision of a project, from first sketches to the smallest of details; on the other hand, dealing with clients from diferent nationalities has allowed me to empathize with their different lifestyles.

My present status is working freelance in IJOVER studio in conjuction with a team of highly professional people from the diferent sectors in architecture and design.

Thus the studio develops its work in an ample range of possibilities, which includes proposals in all aspects of decoration, interior design and architectural structures, from the smallest to the greatest in project management. Our work field goes from the Balearic Islands.