My vocation started from an early age when I was a little girl who used to play in the doll’s house, building my own small customed home.

What started as a game became a goal: creating homes that meet the needs of my customers through experience and creativity. Meeting functionality and comfort. Arousing emotions.

My design career and university studies in Barcelona, followed by co-workings with different architecture studios, defined my sense of detail, my creativity and my innovation.
Finally, in 2007, I decided to run my own project and I opened my own studio in Palma de Mallorca.

01_sobre mi

04-sobre mi

Since then, I offer my clients a totally personalized service in collaboration with other professionals in the design and architecture fields. Each client’s wellbeing and satisfaction are the steam of my workforce. Empathizing with them, identifying their emotions, translating all my activity into a simple language: an interior designed and architectural space.

Isabel Jover