The experience accumulated over my working years has helped me establish a working method that begins in the first catch-up with the client. This phase of exploring the client's wishes and needs is essential to follow up the entire project process. I have a full dedication to my clients from the first moment and the good harmony and empathy between us is what will help the project come to the desired end.

Once the clients’ needs are clear, it is important to draft a good concept that meets their expectations and tastes. A strong project backed by an innovative idea, will lay the perfect final design that will excite all those who experience it and all those who visit it. The central premises are always the customer satisfaction and well-being, understanding that all people and contexts are unique, to which we will adapt and make them the basis of our proposal.

An exhaustive control of the project, a development with the maximum detail and technical rigor and a continuous monitoring of the work process is what allows us to avoid both economic and constructive unforeseen events that may arise. This will allow the client to forecast delivery times and economic costs that are very close to reality. Once reached this phase of the project timeline, it is important that all the steps are clearly detailed, budgeted and agreed in order to avoid desviations.

Taking into account that our main working area (the residential one) involves reaching every last detail in a very personal way, the delivery, dedication and availability to the client is a priority and is part of the identity of the studio.

A continuous monitoring of the work will materialize the project in the pre-defined timings and costs and will ensure the expected results. When reaching this stage of the work, it is important to have the project clearly detailed, budgeted and closed so that deviations are minimal.

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The process followed to develop each project is the following one:

1. As a first step, we get to know each other in a meeting together, when you will explain to me which are your needs and expectations. This will help me understand the type of project you desire, your tastes and which intervention level you will need from our side.
A first visit to the house will be of great help at this stage, since it will help us to analyse the its qualities.
Then, we will prepare a fee proposal, in which we will explain in detail the consistency of the whole work and my responsibility in the assignment.

2. Once the fees are accepted, we will start working and offering some proposals, in order to make the most of the project based on your needs and expectation.
These proposals will be valued in order to adjust them and arrive at a final idea, which satisfies us both parties. The result is a “basic project” that will be proposed to the client, for subsequent resolution at the detail level.

3. In this stage, we will elaborate the fully detailed “execution project”, with choice of materials, facilities and customed furniture design. It is the most technical stage of the process and includes a status of project measurement, which will allow us to estimate the timings accurately.

Your participation in this phase is important to me: your collaboration in the selection of items from catalogues, visits to stores in the sector that I trust and advice. If time is an impediment for you, we will solve it sending to you the information online.
We can also take care of the selection of furniture, selecting pieces from recognized national or international brands and ordering for you so that you can receive it directly at your home. As well as including details of houseware and final decoration.

4. Once the project is closed and the industrialists who will participate have been selected, we establish a weekly day of monitoring of the works in order to carry it out as specified for the project.

5. If in addition to the previous sections, you don’t want to have any concerns, we can also take care of a timing plan, budget reviews and invoices definition in order to avoid deviations from the initial budget, what we call the Turnkey Service.

The importance of caring about details is a fundamental part of my work, and it is what makes the difference of my intervention. It only remains for me to welcome you to your renovated home.

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