ORDER: A full reform of the apartment and an adaptation of its distribution to the young couple with no children.

PROPOSAL: The house initially had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a large pantry, laundry and service bedroom.

We joined two of the bedrooms to convert them into a master bedroom with a dressing room, creating between them a wooden element that filtered the views. The bedroom gained in light, spaciousness and ventilation.

Another of the bedrooms was converted into an office-study room, preventing a folding bed for the possible visits that the clients receive every year.

The day area was communicated with the kitchen and the hall through industrial-type glass sliding doors and was expanded by joining the service area with the kitchen and living room.
The parquet was carried throughout the house, including the kitchen, and in the bathrooms and kitchen a set of large-format and hydraulic tiles was created, recalling materials used in the past.